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Minka Dress Thong Wedge Sandals vF8J8P
Minka Dress Thong Wedge Sandals
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Fri, Jun 3 to Sat, Jun 11

Harris Theater Part of the Three Rivers Arts Festival . All screenings are Free.

Harris Theater Part of the Three Rivers Arts Festival . All screenings are Free.

Conceptual artist Matthew Barney (The Cremaster Cycle) has described his latest cinematic project as an American opera that is epic in proportion and set across our national landscape. The story is based on Norman Mailer’s provocative 1983 novel Ancient Evenings , which explores cycles of birth and death, decay and regeneration based on ancient Egyptian mythology. The movie centers on the New York elite who mingle at Mailer’s wake as his soul seeks reincarnation and immortality. A separate “subplot” finds the hero’s journey paralleled by the rise and fall of the American automobile industry. Alluring, authentic and intense, this vast, multidimensional experience is interspersed with remarkable live performances filmed over six years. The film’s cast includes Paul Giamatti, Elaine Stritch, Aimee Mullins, Milford Graves and Maggie Gyllenhaal and many more.

RIVER OF FUNDAMENT shows in three acts, with each section separated by a 20-minute intermission. The three parts should be seen in order, but not necessarily in one sitting. Please note: contains some explicit imagery.

RIVER OF FUNDAMENT Please note: contains some explicit imagery.

Act 1 (115 mins) Norman I makes the acquaintance of the reigning Pharaoh (Paul Giamatti).

Act 1 (115 mins)

Act 2 (108 mins) Norman II emerges as an older, shamanistic sorcerer.

Act 2 (108 mins)

Act 3 (96 mins) The spirit of Norman III is embodied as a 2001 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor.

Act 3 (96 mins)


Fri June 3 8:00: Act 1 Sat June 4 3:30: Act 1 5:45: Act 2 8:00: Act 3 Sun June 5 3:30: Act 1 5:45: Act 2 8:00: Act 3

Mon June 6 5:45: Act 1 8:00: Act 2 Tues June 7 5:45: Act 2 8:00 Act 3 Weds June 8 5:45: Act 3 8:00: Act 1

Thurs June 9 5:45: Act 1 8:00 Act 2 Fri June 10 8:00: Act 3 Sat June 11 3:30: Act 1 5:45: Act 2 8:00: Act 3

Thurs June 9 Fri June 10 Sat June 11
Melwood Screening Room Regent Square Theater
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Mundial 2018
La investidura de Turull

Carles Riera rechaza el simbolismo republicano en la legalidad autonomista y anuncia que pasan a hacer oposición y construir república desde la calle

Iñaki Pardo Torregrosa , Barcelona

“El autonomismo no tiene que volver”. Esa es la consigna. Carles Riera planteó como única salida a la situación que vive Catalunya “construir república” y dejar atrás la fase autonomista. En el debate de investidura de este jueves, la CUP abrió un nuevo periodo para el soberanismo y anunció el fin del procés y de las alianzas de los independentistas si se instalan en la legalidad autonómica.

Riera proclamó un nuevo tiempo en que la CUP pasa a la oposición y no seguirá más hojas de ruta para pasar a “ construir república ”. “Damos por acabado el ciclo del procés y las alianzas que se han dado durante el procés . Pasamos a la oposición desde la calle y desde las instituciones, combatiendo al Estado y al autonomismo. Queremos empezar el ciclo de construcción de la república desde la movilización popular y desde este Parlament”, señaló con contundencia Riera al fijar la posición de su partido.

“Rechazamos el simbolismo republicano en la legalidad autonomista”, apuntó el jefe de filas de los anticapitalistas desde el atril del Parlament al justificar las cuatro abstenciones de su formación, que obligarán a Jordi Turull a optar a una segunda votación para ser el 131 president de la Generalitat.

Riera critica que se les pida “unidad por unidad” y reclama un programa republicano para dar apoyo a Junts per Catalunya y Esquerra Republicana

Riera reclamó “un frente institucional” contra el Estado y afeó que se les pida “unidad por unidad, de forma abstracta”. “Ya hemos hecho bastantes concesiones por la hoja de ruta”, remarcó en referencia a los presupuestos de Junts pel Sí que aprobaron en la legislatura pasada. “Unilateralismo y desobediencia; es la única forma de hacer república y de alcanzar la independencia, es la única forma de ensanchar la base republicana”, señaló en consonancia con la conferencia política que iba a celebrar la formación este miércoles y que fue suspendida por la precipitación de los acontecimientos tras la providencia de Llarena.

While the precise structure of the future Internet is not yet clear, many directions of growth seem apparent. One is the increased availability of wireless access. Wireless services enable applications not previously possible in any economical fashion. For example, global positioning systems (GPS) combined with wireless Internet access would help mobile users to locate alternate routes, generate precise accident reports and initiate recovery services, and improve traffic management and congestion control. In addition to wireless laptop computers and personal digital assistants (PDAs), wearable devices with voice input and special display glasses are under development.

Another future direction is toward higher backbone and network access speeds. Backbone data rates of 10 billion bits (10 gigabits) per second are readily available today, but data rates of 1 trillion bits (1 terabit) per second or higher will eventually become commercially feasible. If the development of computer hardware, software, applications, and local access keeps pace, it may be possible for users to access networks at speeds of 100 gigabits per second. At such data rates, high-resolution video—indeed, multiple video streams—would occupy only a small fraction of available bandwidth. Remaining bandwidth could be used to transmit Matisse x Amuse Society Amuse Me Matisse TVLd6iY1a
information about the data being sent, which in turn would enable rapid customization of displays and prompt resolution of certain local queries. Much research, both public and private, has gone into integrated broadband systems that can simultaneously carry multiple signals—data, voice, and video. In particular, the U.S. government has funded research to create new high-speed network capabilities dedicated to the scientific-research community.

It is clear that communications connectivity will be an important function of a future Internet as more machines and devices are interconnected. In 1998, after four years of study, the Internet Engineering Task Force published a new 128-bit IP address standard intended to replace the conventional 32-bit standard. By allowing a vast increase in the number of available addresses (2 128 , as opposed to 2 32 ), this standard will make it possible to assign unique addresses to almost every electronic device imaginable. Thus, the expressions “wired” office, home, and car may all take on new meanings, even if the access is really wireless.

The dissemination of digitized text, pictures, and audio and video recordings over the Internet, primarily available today through the World Wide Web, has resulted in an information explosion. Clearly, powerful tools are needed to manage network-based information. Information available on the Internet today may not be available tomorrow without careful attention’s being paid to preservation and archiving techniques. The key to making information persistently available is infrastructure and the management of that infrastructure. Repositories of information, stored as digital objects, will soon populate the Internet. At first these repositories may be dominated by digital objects specifically created and formatted for the World Wide Web, but in time they will contain objects of all kinds in formats that will be dynamically resolvable by users’ computers in real time. Movement of digital objects from one repository to another will still leave them available to users who are authorized to access them, while replicated instances of objects in multiple repositories will provide Corin Naturalizer 5gYp1
to users who are better able to interact with certain parts of the Internet than with others. Information will have its own identity and, indeed, become a “first-class citizen” on the Internet.

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